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Monday, October 4

had to start again, move my fingers, find ideas...
it was extremely difficult until I discovered this group:
where I found Tite belle soeur ! great !!!

I then realized altered books where my favorite...so here we are : I'm working for the October Challenge
here's Lisbeth's message:
"October 2010 Altered Book Challenge
Theme: Lunch, to include brown bag paper.
Brown bag it!
Cut or tear a brown lunch bag and use some in your next AB spread. Grocery
sacks are usually too thick, but lunch bags are perfect. Scrunch it up, if you
like, and then smooth out and rub with an ink pad. Stamp, chalk, paint, gesso,
layer--so many great uses. Experiment!
What is your usual lunch? What would your perfect lunch be like? Who would be
at a fantasy lunch with you? Where would you have lunch--Paris, the park, in a
fantasy castle?
I'm getting hungry already! Hungry to see what you do with this Challenge.
As always, upload your Challenge art to the folder in the Photos section and
include your name.
Have fun!
Lizbeth "
here are my first tries...not finished yet...but so happy to work again...

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ben... MinnieM... mais toute seule... said...

j'adore ! il est trop bien ! et merci pour la chtit'dédicace !!!