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Thursday, June 14

Backgrounds for blogs...

I was given an address some time ago:
there're a lot of backgrounds on that site but I couldn't manage to do it...may be you could...

but some days ago I found a really great site, many many advices, easy to understand...and I did it and am ever so happy with the results...
I succeeded in making my own backgrounds... unique ones... so go to this place, it's great:
The pictures used to make the backgrounds are collages, photos....They are on a page measuring about 27 on 19 cm. I scan them to reduce to 15 on 10 cm...
When you work on the HTML of the template you get something like this:
background-position:120% 10%;
I had to reduce it to 0.9% 0.5%

to get the image I wanted...that's the longest part of the work...find the exact proportions...
Be patient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hullo Sisabeille!

I did a little lesson on my blog a while ago about changing the background. I wondered if it would be useful to your readers cos it's a step-by-step Bear guide. I tried to make it easy, with photo's and stuff.

I like your new one! WOW!

Bob :@}

Here is the link:

Changing Your Blog's Background, a small Bear's guide