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Sunday, April 1

Red, autumn and Chinese painting

I tried to translate François Cheng's words...May he forgive me ! My words are so little compared to his...
painting by Qi Baishi (1863-1957)
Last song of the cicada
Inks and colours on paper. Pekin. Rongbao Studio.
Throughout Summer the tree sheltered the little singer...willing or not...one never knows...but he enjoyed her song...Then the painter came with all sorts of red, the reds of Autumn, the reds of death...and we heard that last song:
-"You're going to die little singer and my leaves will turn into a crimson shroud...
-I'll soon get silent dear old tree and once your leaves have fallen you'll miss my irritating little song..."
Chinese painting isn't real painting , she cheats...but live in it and she'll help you to live...
That's very little...That's so much...

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B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Chinese brush painting is very special. We have abook with lots of cats painted this way. Mummy says it makes them look very fluid. Which cats are, a bit. They flollop in sunny spots, just pour themselves onto fluffy carpets.