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Saturday, November 24

shapes: squares

squares: I love these tiny pasta you eat in the Alps, made of buckweat flour, they are about 0.5 cm square and the taste so good...with a little cream and nice Beaufort cheese they are delicious...
then I went to the kitchen and realized how many square and rectangular boxes i had...easy to put in the cupboard...men makes rectangulars and squares...you hardly find them in nature American scientists tried to make some squared tomatoes in the 80's but didn't succeed...good job they didn't...

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RUTH said...

As long as there's cheese I don't mind what shape the biscuits are....LOL I should be a mouse too as I love cheese so much :o)
Wonderful shapes especially the expectant mother..round as the circle of life.
I too wish you were nearer..not as cold here today so perfect for a walk and a chat. My best to Mr Mousie
Love & Hugs