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Tuesday, July 11

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I really love that writer...it's terribly late, but I can't resist giving you a few lines from "That old ace in the hole":Women are quilting.
" and from around the room came soft amens. And they all agreed that hailstones were bigger in the olden days, men and the wind stronger, and the sweetness of life rarer but more intense.
Bob Dollar, who had been vaccinated against religion by Bromo 's atheistic cynicism and Uncle Tam's neutrality, thought to himself that maybe the Lord had a mean streak, or maybe what happened to people was all chance and circumstances. "It beats me," Bromo had said, "how anybody can support a religion that takes a scene of capital punishment for its central image."
Bob is looking at a magazine showing one of the quilt
"Adam was naked, except for cowboy boots and a hat, which he held in front of his crotch. he was stitched all over with black curly hair....
-Adam's seems pretty hairy...
-Yes, he was modeled on Cy Frease. I don't know who brought it up to make Adam hairy, but it seemed a be the right thing to do.And Cy, why he's the hairiest man in the county..."

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