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Friday, June 16

Now I'm all alone I'm going to do one of the things I prefer: I'm going to read...I love holding books, turning pages, smelling them...they've all got a different smell. When I was a little bee there was a book I didn't like, the story frigthened me so much and you know I remember the smell quite well. I could recognize that book with closed eyes. I was lucky to have a mum who loved books and loved telling stories...At 5Pm, we gathered in the classroom and she read. There I met Merabeille. I could never again find the story. I would love to read it once more..If I can't I'll have to rewrite it...

I like using that very old English dictionary...all faded, with sweet illustrations...
But I must say that the web one is more useful . Know the address? http://www.m-w.com

To carry my books in my bag I made a cover in thick material. I scanned some titles I like, and using transfers printed the material. I 've sewn a ribbon around and put more inside to mark pages. With a pen on the side it's Ok.Of course both sides are different. There's a small pocket inside for post-it. By the way did I gave you the address of the website on Montana writers? a pity it's in French. that would be a good idea to translate it.http://ecrivainsmontana.free.fr/

Good now, I must prepare dinner ...what are we going to eat?
see you everybody, enjoy your meal as well...

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