"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home".Twyla Tharp


Friday, June 16

Hello everybody, so nice to see you again in a lovely new house...
As you can see I brushed up my wings and put ribbons just for you...
Now let me explain: Merabeille my mum is always travelling but she needs a house to rest from time to time. But, you see, life is sometimes a bit...electric...between us, so I move next door.
I need my bedroom, (thank you Virginia Woolf).

As I'm a bit messy I'll still keep a workshop in mum's home to put my pictures, so if you want to see them, just go there, it's never locked.
Now, wait a minute , I can hear the door bell.
Lovely, here she is...Let me introduce Pixabeille , she's a great friend of mine, a bit strange sometimes but elfes are...She was waiting at the door singing her little tune to birds...She's been to the woods to look for nettles . I decided to try and get the fibers and do some weaving. They use it in China and it may give beautiful material as shining as silk. There're interesting websites on this.

May be you find them useful...
Rigth me loves I'll for a walk with Pixabeille, see you...

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